TAWNY – Look-a-like app

We call it #LookALike

It is well known, that TAWNY works with a multimodal AI approach, thus we are also able to detect emotions via the e.g. facial recognition system.

But isn’t this boring – with our new facial Emotion AI recognition system we created more! We created a smart media entertainment app. We developed a facial recognition algorithm based on machine vision for a matching-scenario as a B2C app. Our special neural network works with 5times less data input. So you are interested in who you look like?

Contact us and get a look on our system and we explain you our offerings in detail. Let’s create some specific use-cases and application scenarios.



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Daho.am 2.0

TAWNY at the Daho.am 2018

An again Dr. Marco Maier attended a panel. This time at the Munich Daho.am 2018. In this case it was a classic AI panel, where he together with Alexander Waldmann (Operative Director at applied AI), Vishal Chatrath (CEO and Co-Founder of PROWLER.io) and Ronnie Vuine (CEO at Micropsie Industries) discussed about AI in general.



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OSRAM Sei Days

OSRAM Sei Day 2018

A very exciting day for TAWNY to be a selected company at the first OSRAM SEI Day.

HYVE first developed with OSRAM a platform for submitting ideas for solutions for the “New Osram” in the area of “Smart Sensing and reinventing light”, before TAWNY was selected from 120 submissions, among 18 others, by experts for the SEI Day and the respective pitch sessions.

This was the first “global Supplier-Enabled Innovation Day” -TAWNY is a promising supplier, especially in the field of “smart lighting”.

TAWNY is looking forward to future cooperation!



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TAWNY at the Marketing Convention 2018

My Marketing Robot – AI vs. Human Emotion

With this topic there is no other way than inviting Emotion AI specialist Dr. Michael Bartl .

Together with colleague Regina Burgmayr, Michael Bartl attended the Munich Marketing Convention 2018. Besides he acted as a speaker in a panel with Arne Steinmetz, Udo Schendel und Sascha Martini. They discussed the question “Influencer, AI, Creative or Data: Who has got the lead in marketing?”

As a clear point of view Michael Bartl takes the opinion that the future marketing will be very intelligent or better said emotional intelligent. Marketing is getting humanised!

Here you can find the whole panel discussion.



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TAWNY gets HORIZON 2020 funding


We are very proud to be officially elected for the EUROPEAN UNION’S HORIZON 2020 RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PROGRAMME!

Stay tuned and get here all updates to our project, we love to share our progress with you!

Thank you @EUScienceInnov Europäische Kommission – Vertretung in Deutschland

Among 19 German companies, who benefit from new scholarships from the European Innovation Council also TAWNY gets support with our project on empathy in artificial intelligence.

See here the official press release



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TAWNY Events 2018

TAWNY event series #2018

TAWNY managed to grab one of the much sought-after tickets for the Munich W&V Marketing Convention 2018

To the motto #MyMarketingRobot TAWNY is privileged to attend the panel to “Influencer, AI. Creative or Data: Who has got the lead in marketing?! 

Thanks for giving us the chance, we are looking forward discussing AI, ML and all fields of data.


Another special event will be the AI4U Conference. Held for the first time here in Munich with the motto “AI for human” with the aim of the promotion of applied research in the fields of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

TAWNY will not only be a participant in the start-up challenge but will have also a booth. So visit us and get known to TAWNY! As a special offer, we can provide a 20% discount on the conference tickets. So contact us for more information!

Our mother company HYVE will be a proud official partner of this special conference.

For both conferences still some tickets are available, so apply now.




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TAWNY article in the DIGITALE WELT

The Four Level of Emotion AI 

We are currently confronted with the topic of artificial intelligence in all areas of life and work. AI is the buzz word of our digital age. Essentially, it is about improving machines or processes through autonomization and self-learning systems.

Emotion AI and the consideration of the factor “human” is a new plant in the landscape of artificial intelligence. Similar to the developmental stages of autonomous driving, the emotional intelligence of machines also has to do with a level model:

We are proud to share a new article with you  – see here.

We don’t want to anticipate too much, just start reading this great stuff.

THANKS again to the Digitale Welt Magazin for this article!!!


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Time to celebrate TAWNY

Perhaps you mentioned? Our TAWNY team grew a little bit? Welcome Dr. Chadly Marouane, he will be our new employer in the field of AI and Software architecture We are very pleased to have Chadly on our team!

And there is another reason to celebrate – it’s TAWNY’s BIRTHDAY!!! Really impressive, what we achieved in our first year, thanks to everybody, who supported our way until now, we have big goals for our next year of life and looking forward to new interesting developments!






Ein Hoch auf TAWNY

Na, schon gesehen? Unser Team ist ein wenig gewachsen. Herzlich Willkommen Dr. Chadly Marouane, Chadly wird uns im Bereich AI und Software bereichern. Wir freuen uns, dass Du nun bei uns bist!

Und dann gibt es noch einen weiteren Grund zu feiern – TAWNY hat GEBURTSTAG und wird Ein Jahr alt!!!  Echt toll, was wir im ersten Jahr erreichen konnten, danke an alle die uns unterstützt haben, wir werden mit großen Schritten in unser neues Lebensjahr starten und freuen uns auf spannende Entwicklungen!