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Meet TAWNY at some upcoming events

Exciting times are waiting for us. We are looking forward to attend these special events.

First of all, from October, 24 you can find us at “Messe München” at the Mediadays directly at the entrance at the AI pavilion. Come and test our AI technology.

Let’s create some custom made Emotion AI ideas for your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us already in before the event to shedule some appointments.


From November, 4 until November, 6 we have the honour to present TAWNY at the Websummit in Lisbon, because we were choosen as a best practice for “EU Network”. This is just great, and we are very proud to meet the world tech elite! We will see us!



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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

The combined power of affective computing and eye tracking.

In the middle of a generalized digital transformation journey, many companies have now realized about the importance of incorporating user experience (UX) knowledge to create more relevant and personalized products and services. Incorporating UX insights at different stages of the product development process allows to create a solid understanding on how users/customers really interact with products and helps to uncover specific pain points and opportunity areas, increasing the chance to come up with innovative solutions. Beyond the traditional tools used by UX researchers such as interviews and self-report surveys, new technological tools are now becoming more available, increasing their knowledge on how users interact with products and helping them to bring product/service development to the next level.


Digital Empathy is here the key concept. In a recent series of studies, Prof. Alexander Hahn, Katharina Klug and Prof. Florian Riedmüller demonstrate the power that new technologies can bring to the UX field.

According to them, user activity in a digital interface can be tracked for example via mouse movements or click log-files. These measures help in terms of functionality and usability evaluations. They can answer to the questions “What do users do/see with the digital product?” and “How do users use/buy the product?”. However, analyzing the user experience goes beyond the mere clicking behavior. What is underneath – the why – is a difficult question to respond from this perspective alone.


Understanding the why can be the difference between creating functional and emotional products/services. Digital empathy can become the key to answer these questions and build a more holistic understanding of user interactions and relationships with products. Digital empathy aims to improve human-computer interaction (HCI) by focusing on the user’s current mood and emotions and responding accordingly. A combined approach of  two different research methods – eye-tracking and Affective Computing (AC) – can not only capture the moments where users set their attention, but also how they feel about them, setting the ground for products based on digital empathy.

On the one hand, eye-tracking systems are becoming increasingly used by UX researchers to collect data on visual attention patterns. Expensive and complex hardware and software setups are thing of the past. With more available high-quality solutions supporting mobile and fixed research settings, researchers have more access than ever to qualitative and quantitative attention performance indicators, such as heatmaps and eye-fixation measures. These allow researchers to map precise visual triggers and locate specific areas of interest and pain points. To boost the insights gathered from eye-tracking, AC can provide real-time, reliable and valid measurements of user emotions in a scalable manner at a low cost. AC utilizes sensors to capture physiological data – such as facial expressions, voice frequency, heart rate, gestures – which are evaluated and classified by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

From their series of experiments, Hahn, Klug and Riedmüller conclude that emotion and eye-tracking data can provide more valid and objective results compared to classical surveys or interviews. After all, people are not always aware of all their specific reactions and feelings, but these methods can complement each other and reveal deeper and more accurate patterns and insights on what users see and feel.

For more information, see here.

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All you need to know about Emotion AI

Emotion AI – online

We are really proud to update you with another chance to listen to our “Emotion AI webinar” !!!

On June 17th from 4-5 pm HYVE and TAWNY’s founder and Managing director/CEO Dr. Michael Bartl will talk about everything you always wanted to know about Emotion AI.
Find answers and discussion to the questions of what Emotion AI actually is, how Emotion AI works, which fields of application there are, what the future holds and whats about ethical aspects. Learn how your company can take off with Emotion AI.
The participation is free of charge, aha-experiences included.
Make a note of the date and secure your participation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if there are any more questions.

Apply here:



Looking forward to meeting you virtually


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Online Webinar

Emotion AI – online

We are really proud to update you with this:

📅 Europe’s largest B2B AI Conference goes virtual – Find out how you can make AI work for your business, and network with over 1000 participants from 60+ nations
▶️ Free of charge for companies, r&d institutions and public organizations
▶️ Participate via browser, smartphone or tablet
▶️ Join keynotes and interact with speakers
▶️ 1:1 business meetings managed via Video Conference Calls
▶️ Deep-dive workshop video conferences in small groups
Find more information and register via ➡️

TAWNY will be on board and exclusively presents its first webinar about “Emotion AI” – hurry up and get your free tickets and listen to the webinar – it”s limited to 50 participants.

For more information read here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if there are some more questions.

Meanwhile see this: :


Looking forward to meet you!


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Level up your customer understanding with Emotion AI

Good technology and pretty product features no longer sell alone
Today’s consumers want an emotional experience!


Understanding your own customers – probably THE supreme discipline for every company. It has been known for a long time that people are guided by their affective states, i.e. mainly unconsciously by their feelings, when making decisions. Advertising messages are specifically tailored to the emotional impact on consumers – and it is not unusual for neuropsychologists to come into play here and bring the latest approaches from their research to a company’s marketing. However, even these “emotion experts” have difficulties in accurately capturing emotions – today’s standard procedures from interviews to observations and apparatus-based methods prove to be imprecise, complex and/or very time-consuming.


The goal is to develop a deep understanding of the customer. Many companies are now using other methods for “innovation”, i.e. for product (re)development. Modern creativity methods such as Design Thinking are currently very popular. One exercise in a design sprint, for example, is tracking and recording the “customer journey”. Companies try to put themselves in their customers’ shoes and track the individual customer journey from the trigger point to the purchase of the product. But again, companies are subject to the problem of inaccuracy – because emotions are highly individual.

Due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, TAWNY can also help in this area and is moving with the development of machine learning with big steps towards the future of emotion recognition.

The specially developed Emotion Analytics technology can assign an affective state (e.g. happy, sad, ..) to input data such as video recordings. This AI-based emotion recognition makes understanding and capturing emotions not only easier and faster than all other methods used so far, but also more precise! From video recordings, for example, the algorithm includes the color changes of the skin that are not visible to the human eye and the minimal rhythmic movements of the heartbeat as variables for modeling.

This takes customer-centered product development to a new level: It is no longer necessary to “put yourself in the customer’s shoes” – it can simply be filmed directly when testing the prototype, for example. The recording is then analyzed by the TAWNY algorithm. Critical moments are thus quickly detected on the basis of deflections, minima/maxima and patterns in the interaction of valence and excitation.


Dr. Volker Bilgram

Dr. Volker Bilgram



Dr. Johann Füller

Dr. Johann Füller



How this works exactly is described in detail in “Mit Emotion AI zu erfolgreichen Innovationen”, an article in the Handelsblatt Journal. The two authors, Dr. Volker Bilgram and Prof. Dr. Johann Füller, are managing director and CEO of HYVE AG, respectively. HYVE AG as a “One-Stop Shop” for innovation in the heart of Munich uses TAWNY technology in a targeted manner in order to be able to advise its customers with the latest methods for innovation. The article can be read here: 


What in the past was associated with considerable effort and complex apparatus structures is now only a few clicks away.

Our project with STRÖER gives a great insight into the application of TAWNY technology in a “real life” setting.
Maybe we can find a use case for your company together?

Please feel free to contact us!

Because: The emotional part of user experience has become the key performance indicator for your next innovation.


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The story about your heart, the variability and no secrets

#Offsight – When your heart is both your best and worst friend


Your heart knows all about you and it has no secrets from you. Did you know that? A really interesting article about heart rate variability in the latest issue of Carpe Diem. We would like to recommend it to you, not only because our technological work is also based on HRV, but also because you learn something about yourself and for life 😉

Our life is basically based on two systems, we have heard about them, but we hardly notice them. We’re talking about the parasympathetic- and the sympathetic nervous system. The two complement each other in their system actions and manage to give us energy for our life to function.

The better they work together, the better life works out. It’s simple. Or so you think…
But it has also been known for many years that it has everything to do with the heartbeat, especially with heart rate variability. It reacts very quickly to any external influences, including thoughts and our feelings. So – we are directed by miliseconds and the irregularities and can only survive that way. In four days we would be dead if the heart would beat regularly.
So now the question: How are you really doing? All this is answered by looking at the heart rate variability – it is the mirror of your vitality and tells us all about your emotions.

Thus we are happy that we have directed our research also in this direction. But read more here in the article and stay curious about what TAWNY will bring to light in the near future. We are looking forward to it!



Source: Carpe Diem (2020) Was sagt eigentlich dein Herz zu deinem Leben? March 2020, pp. 62


Happy birthday

TAWNY time flies

Wow, isnt’t this just great?!

It is TAWNY’s birthday!!! Three years full of Emotion AI, three years of developing in the field of Affective Computing, three years of Artificial Intelligence.

We hardly can imagine it’s three years and like to thank you at this point for all your support!!! The EmotionAI future with you and your projects as well as with our platform will be great!!! We are looking forward!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, to tell us, how you experienced TAWNY in the past three years and get – of course, some new insights and latest information about our developments.



Computer Vision at its Best

CVRP – Short announcement

Our colleague Ciprian’s innovative method to estimate the error of a deep neural network in the real world has been accepted for oral presentation at the CVPR. This is a great opportunity, given that only the best 4% of submitted papers get the chance to be presented in front of a large live audience from top academia and industry at the most important Computer Vision conference of the year.

Ciprian Corneanu actually wanted to present a paper at CVPR2020, the most important computer vision conference of the year. In collaboration with researchers from the Ohio State University and the University of Barcelona, Ciprian developed an innovative approach to estimate the error a deep neural network will make “in the real world” by looking inside the network itself. This is a radical departure from the traditional approach of using curated sequestered test datasets and has many potential applications to emotion detection from images.

For now more information will follow after the oral presentation!

But did you hear new colleague?! See here our three new team members, happy to have them on board!  Fltr: Maximiliane, Ciprian and Paul 🙂




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Mood on an automatic basis

Emotion Analytics, Corona and the search for efficient working in the Home Office – Where are the similarities?

Agile, innovative companies have been living it for a while: New Work and the associated possibility of “home office” for the employees. However, the majority of the German employees asked themselves at the beginning of this “working from home – regulation”: how can I work without colleagues, without the boss, but maybe with children, husband and a dog? If you ask around in your circle of acquaintances, you will probably come across two camps. Some of them have already got the hang of it “wow – this is working much better than expected”. The other side is lagging and has to struggle with a lack of efficiency and distraction, for example from the refrigerator, which always seems to be within reach, or the partner/children, who are now also at home. “Emotion Tracking”, i.e. becoming aware of one’s own emotions, could definitely help here.


Until recently, the only thing people “tracked” were calories or the personal daily step goal with fitness bracelets. Times of crisis, as we are experiencing right now due to the coronavirus, are now directing our attention in another direction: our own happiness and well-being. Fitness and health do play an important role in this – but the trend radar points precisely in the direction of understanding our inner world, i.e. our emotional state and the careful treatment of oneself. Why do we feel good one day, even happy all around, and the next day we are again looking for efficiency, stamina, and satisfaction? What are the triggers for certain feelings?


Researchers have been exploring the field of happiness for years. Mihály Csikszentmihalyi (1990), for example, conducted early studies to find out when people are happiest and perform at their best. Based on this, the flow theory was developed: The flow state gives a person a feeling of a mental state of complete deepening and absorption in an activity. This is exactly the state that everyone in working life wants because you will not find yourself in any other psychological state working so effectively and efficiently! The only question which arises is: How do I come and how can I stay in this mental flow state? The question becomes particularly interesting in the current home office situation when my child actually wants to be permanently entertained. In addition to that, also my work colleague is missing, who might draw my attention to my emotional state, pick me up for a coffee when I am completely sunk in stress. So how can I recognize and assess my feelings and emotions myself?


The attempts to quantify and measure something very subjective, i.e. which differs from person to person, such as emotions, are proving to be quite difficult. For example, the “measurement of happiness”: from the categorization of Twitter tweets into subject areas and the attempt to match them with the well-being in certain states of the USA, as measured by surveys, to the Gross National Happiness Index measured in Bhutan, every approach trying to quantify “a person’s happy state” has proven to be rather inadequate. (Technology Review 2020)


In order to make happiness a little more tangible, the “subjective well-being” of a person is now often examined – it includes not only the emotional component (the human feelings) but also the cognitive evaluation of one’s own life, i.e. satisfaction. So-called “mood trackers” – apps in which users enter their daily moods through self-disclosure, may help to take a closer look at the course of one’s own emotions per day or week, but in the long run it seems to be too tedious for users to enter their complex emotions themselves every day and have to put them into rough categories. After about 2 weeks the motivation decreases and the user stops “tracking”.


Among other things, TAWNY has been working on the solution for this since 2017: The measurement of emotional mood on an automatic basis. While the competition relies on the research of GPS mobile phone data in combination with apps such as MoodTracker or on the measurement of skin conductor function via emotica for the recognition of e.g. stress symptoms, TAWNY deals with emotional artificial intelligence via emotion tracking using face recognition. The developed algorithms allow a very high accuracy to take a look “behind the scenes” and thus surpass any other form of measuring emotions. Although half of the human well-being is genetically determined (i.e. unchangeable), studies show that people who actively do something to increase their awareness of their own emotional state, as well as the own reactions, can become both more satisfied and more efficient over time. Thus, it is now also possible to take a closer look at one’s feelings in the home office and to illustrate one’s own reactions to different situations and to change them if necessary! How does this work? With TAWNY’s New Work Companion – read more here.

Technology Review (2020) Die Vermessung des Glücks. Firmen und Forscher wollen unser Wohlbefinden optimieren. Wie verändert das unser Leben? April 2020, pp. 29-32



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The Force

“TAWNY inside” as the technical component of the mixed-reality cinema promotion for the new LEGO® Star Wars™ sets

The Force – involving everything and everyone in the Star Wars™ universe. When controlled properly, it is even able to move things with pure willpower. Accompanying the grand finale of the Star Wars™ saga, TAWNY provides the technical highlight of this all-encompassing power in a staged promotion for the new LEGO ® Star Wars sets.

Munich, 12.03.2020 – In order to promote the new LEGO Star Wars™ sets in the course of the film “Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker”, THE FORCE was made real and tangible to all moviegoers in a unique installation. True to the motto “Build with the Force”, a 3.5m digital screen was set up for this purpose, on which young and old fans could compete against each other in a mixed-reality power duel, following the new TV spot.

The aim here was to use THE FORCE to reassemble one’s own LEGO® spaceship faster than the respective opponent: With full concentration and intuitively pointing at their spaceship with the power gesture, the ships were put back together again – naturally by the power applied. The battle winner was, of course, the player with more applied power.

What felt absolutely real in front of the screen was only made possible by a complex machine learning algorithm in the background. TAWNY provided the emotion recognition and thus the crucial technical component of the setup. Using the latest image recognition technologies, the algorithm combined various factors: gesture control, muscle tension, face recognition to measure concentration and even pulse recognition from the camera image. All factors were added to an individual power value that controlled what was happening on the screen.

This gave players the feeling of actually having the same legendary power as their idols on the big screen. With this unique staging, TAWNY ensured a real-life and tangible brand experience in the direct environment of the new movie, which motivated fans to rave about the story at home with the new LEGO® Star Wars™ sets:

May the force build with you!

LEGO, the LEGO logo and the minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group.
© 2020 The LEGO Group. ©& TM Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Images: Albert Coon

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Scientific Research

Nudging for the good – TAWNY in a scientific research setting.
Application from a research perspective.


What was only once a domain reserved for humans will in the future also be used by machines: Emotional Intelligence. Human data, be it physiological, video or text data, will be evaluated by machines in order to uncover patterns of behavior related to particular emotional states.

Already today, by using “affective computing”, emotions can be identified, analyzed and classified using recognition algorithms. These states can then be projected onto machines so that products, services and experiences can be designed empathetically in the future. One scenario for integrating the human factor is seen in production systems. Here the detection of affective states based on vital signs can help to increase safety, health and efficiency within work flows and at the same time reduce failure rates within production processes. However, Emotion AI brings also major advance to Behavioral Economics as it continues to challenge the traditional view of consumers as rational decision-makers. Emotion recognition systems are today supporting behavioral researchers to uncover the systematic heuristics and biases that occur during human decision-making processes.

Rebeca Marichalar

Together with the Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research at the Technical University of Munich, Rebeca Marichalar is conducting an experiment using the TAWNY Emotion Analytics Platform: the “Effect of nudging in online-shopping environments regarding the consumption of fast food.” What is nudging exactly? Rebeca explains: “It is a way of slightly modifying an environment where people make choices, introducing small interventions or incentives, which encourage people to make more beneficial decisions”. A well-known example would be digital speed control: when driving too fast in a play street, for example, a sad smiley is digitally displayed to the driver to incite him to reduce the speed.

Previous research focused on investigating the effect of nudges on healthy eating choices. Several types of nudges aiming to reduce the caloric intake during online shopping scenarios were tested, including for example the typical “traffic light” calorie system. Interestingly, a virtual assistant which provided feedback through facial expressions of approval or disapproval towards consumer choices was proved the most effective nudge. In a new line of research, Rebeca aims to understand the reasons for the effectiveness of this nudge and its relation with the emotional state. Nudges are nowadays commonly used by companies and governments to prompt consumer choices in online and offline settings. However, the reasons for the effectiveness of specific characteristics in nudges is still scarce. Rebeca’s thesis seeks to answer the question of what made the avatar more effective than the other nudge options.

TAWNY technology will therefore be put to test in an interesting experiment to find out whether emotions are involved in this subconscious process. By investigating the role of emotions on the efficacy of nudges to reduce caloric intake, Rebeca states: I want to find out whether the solution to my research question is related to human-machine empathy.

In the experiment, screened participants are to choose a full lunch meal from a fast-food delivery website without restrictions. Afterwards, within the paying and check-out process, an avatar provides feedback on the meal choice by expressing facial emotions depending on the caloric intake goal which will be calculated from the participants’ personal data. The avatar will display either a face of dissatisfaction when the participant chooses a meal over the calorie intake goal, or a facial expression of satisfaction when the calories stay within the recommended goal. During the whole experiment the participants facial expressions are recorded. Thanks to this, Rebeca will be able to process the recorded videos through the TAWNY EA Platform and analyze the relationship between the participants’ affective states and choice behavior.

Facial emotion detection via TAWNY EA’s technology



This research will contribute to bridge the gap between social researchers and AI practitioners who are now trying to break into the field of human emotions. By undertaking a cross-disciplined approach, showing how social scientists can leverage the power of new technologies as well as how technologists can deepen their knowledge through social sciences, TAWNY is connecting researchers to achieve its goal: understanding human emotions.

If you are interested in applying TAWNY into your scientific research setting, please feel free to reach out and contact us:

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Competing in the age of AI

Strategy and leadership when algorithms and networks run the world

Competing in the age of AI

What a great evening with Prof. Karim Lakhani and Prof. Marco Iansiti from the HAVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL presenting their new book “Competing in the Age of AI”.

Thanks for coming to HYVE  and bringing thoughts about how to become an “AI-first-company” to this huge audience! The exclusive book signing was definitely a highlight, too and we are really grateful having you here.

Of course, we also showed TAWNY and some new developments during the event. Exciting chats and interesting questions came up. Hope you all enjoyed our Emotion AI insights.

Thanks to our mother company HYVE for hosting this special event.





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TV productions with TAWNY

Really exciting days lie behind us.

Two days, fully packed with shootings for two different TV productions.

You know “Checker Tobi”? He wanted to know everything about TAWNY and Emotion AI and we tried to explain it as simple as possible so that it is a suitable contribution for kids and the ZDF -Kika format. It was so much fun, especially when outlining the basic emotions. Stay tuned, we inform you about the broadcasting date!

Some days before “W-wie Wissen” visited us. There we got the chance and explained TAWNY more for adults. Also a really nice setting.

Honestly, we are curious what will come out at the end, in any case thanks to the two TV teams, it was a great pleasure for us!





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Chatbot Experiment in Munich

Emotion AI and Chatbots – Study

New year, new projects!

Get the chance and join a unique chatbot experiment.

Where: Munich, Haus der Innovation at HYVE

Must: German spoken and written

Of course, a give-away will wait for you!

Contact us for more information:



Human factor instead of self-learning machines

Today, we have some reading recommendations.

We are really proud of our good cooperatins to STRÖER.

In a two-part blog series, we not only talk about good cooperations, also about Emotion AI and the factor human, as well as STRÖER, uses the TAWNY technology.



Thank you,  STRÖER for featuring us!




TAWNY on Tour

From Lisboa to Frankfurt and back to Munich

Tawny on Tour

What a great month lies behind TAWNY.

First of all, we attended the WEBSUMMIT in Lisboa for the second time after 2018. Four days full of great stage program, this year also with one day of exhibiting and so many possibilities to network. There were some after-sessions, directly in the city, too, where we not only enjoyed work but also the nice Portuguese lifestyle. We definitely want to attend again next year.

Back in Germany, we had the chance to be on stage at the BIG DATA WORLD/ TECH WEEK in Frankfurt. In cooperation with BARC, we presented TAWNY to the audience of the “Customer Experience” stage. Thanks for this opportunity and all the good conversations.

Munich, as well, offered a really nice format of AI event. After our victory in 2016, we again were part of the DIGICON 2019. There was the “marketplace of innovations” and a big evening event. At the beginning of the conference, each participant got two innovation coins and was allowed to spend it for the most attractive and innovative booth. Guess what, TAWNY won! We were awarded with 10.000 € media budget for the “Digitale Welt Magazin”. It was a pleasure and here we want to say “thank you” to our colleagues from HYVE, too. Thanks for the support and the fun evening.

Next stop: Internal Innovation Day Stuttgart





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The Missing Piece…

The Missing Piece in New Work: Decoding Human Flow at the Workplace

Ever wondered what’s really stressful during work? Any idea about the psychological effects of stress on your workplace?

Any thoughts about when being in the FLOW while working?

Please find here our latest article about the topic New Work, emotions, stress and being in flow while working. Have a look at our latest idea about the

“New Work companion”.


Working 4.0 and New Work stand for profound and rapidly progressing changes in today’s working world.

This requires a fundamental cultural change and a completely new way of (working) together in companies.

Please find here also the video from the IHK Munich, when visiting our mother’s company HYVE and getting known to their successful model.



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HELENA and the Media Days Munich

HELENA – The Artificial Intelligence

..a truly great and very ambitious project became apparent in May this year.

The team of the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” and “Bilderfest” came to us with a special concern. They had the mission to produce an AI documentary by creating a fictional person, called Helena, Helena the AI, who should teach and give informative as well as humorous-satirical insights into the current state of the development of the AI.

This 7-pieces web series is now a joint co-production of BR/ARTE and the MDR supported by the FFF of Bavaria and takes a look behind the scenes of some big tech-groups like Facebook, but also behind of some startups like TAWNY. We are really proud to present our technology in a whole episode.

Besides 6 other episodes, we show in episode two all about feelings and our Emotion AI

#2 FEELINGS// we learn HELENA what means to feel and show inter alia how it would be if things like the coffee machine, the alarm clock or the surrounding stereo system would be emphatic.



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Bits & Pretzels 2019

The Founders Festival Munich 2019 

What an amazing event, we attended one week ago. We were at the Bits & Pretzels, an application-only, three-day festival that connects talents, founders, investors, startup enthusiasts, and a lot more decision-makers of the startup ecosystem.

Everything startet at September, 29 when a whole exhibition hall of “Messe Munich” was filled with about 5,000 people, waiting excited for the opening key note of Mr. Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America. It’s barely conceivable but the three founders of B&P,  Andy Bruckschloegl, Felix Haas and

The second day, we fully concentrated on EmotionAI and tried to bring this topic closer to the audience. We had a lot of traffic at our exhibition booth and a lot of very interesting conversations. We presented our latest developments and heard about so many projects, TAWNY might fit in. Let’s take the step and work togehter!


Last, but not least on the third day the meetings were held in the “Oktoberfest” tents and offered a lot of networking possibilities.

We only can say: “This was a completely successful event!”


Thanks to all the organizers! See you next time!



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Events Q 4

TAWNY on the road

Our last three months of this year are fully packed with great events.

In September/October we will be for the first time at #Bits&Pretzels as an active participant and will exhibit on Monday, September, 30.

In October we will be again at the Medientage in Munich and also there we have a booth in the exhibition area.

At the beginning of November, there is a big event in Lissabon. We show TAWNY at the Websummit and really looking forward to be there!



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Innovation Manager Forum 2019

Innovation Manager Forum 2019 

…a truly great and very relaxed event – the Innovation Manager Forum 2019, lays behind TAWNY.

Hosted by HYVE, in the new buildings of one of their partner clients, TÜV Süd, a very informative event took place.

It was really full-house at the Innovation Manager Forum 2019!

TAWNY gave an inspirational keynote at the beginning of the event and afterwards exhibited its newest technology as well as listened to 4 invited HYVE clients that shared their successes stories and learnings. A lot of other innovation managers attended and the format offered a big scope for networking. Moderated by Dr. Giordano Koch, Sylvie Ries from Brunata-Metrona, Andreas Reschner from E.ON Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH, Stefan V. from TÜV SÜD – Cyber Security & Data Protection and Enno Arenholz from voestalpine provided insights into previous projects. A big thank you again to all speakers and of course to our mothers’ company HYVE – awesome day !

The Innovation Manager Forum is the meeting place in Munich for digital managers and for all those who want to drive change. Would you like to be there next time? The upcoming event will be announced on our social media channels and of course in the HYVE Newsletter.



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Enterprise European Network

Support by the EEN and European Commission

…when small Ones become very large. This is the overall story behind the EU-campagne #EUOpen4business thereby supporting small and middle-size companies. We are very happy about our partnership to EEN and the supportive team from BayFor Munich, especially and above all Mrs. Mozo and her team.


Enterprise Europe Network

The world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), comprising 600 member organizations in more than 60 countries, helps SMEs grow, access finance and funding, apply EU law, innovate and find potential business partners across Europe and beyond. The European Commission launched the Enterprise Europe Network in 2008. It is co-financed under the European Union’s Competitiveness of SMEs Programme (COSME).

EEN featured us with the overall topic of “empathic technology”




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DeepFlow Scientific Paper

IJCAI 2019 in Macao

TAWNY is really active in the scientific area, as you probably know.

Just recently Dr. Chadly Marouane, one of our AI experts, traveled to Macao and presented

DeepFlow: Detecting Optimal User Experience From Physiological Data Using Deep Neural Networks


Our paper “DeepFlow: Detecting Optimal User Experience from Physiological Data Using Deep Neural Networks” was accepted at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2019). The paper is part of our ongoing research into automated flow state detection. Our DeepFlow approach, with the results now published, represents the new state of the art in this area of research worldwide. This year it is the 28th IJCAI which celebrates its 50th existence and takes place in Macau. It is one of the world’s most renowned conferences in the field of artificial intelligence and offers numerous researchers and developers plenty of inspiration for future work. We look forward to an exciting conference!




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Digitales Startup 2019

Digitales Startup des Jahres 2019

We need YOUR #help !!!
Vote for #TAWNY to be awarded as “Digitales Startup des Jahres 2019” .

TAWNY has the chance to become „Digitales Start-up des Jahres 2019“ – but therefor we need YOUR help.

Please, please, please vote for TAWNY. It is a pure audience prize!

Here you find the link:

Just click „abstimmen“, set your cross at „TAWNY” and please insert your email adress.

It would be a great favor for us!!!

Thank you!


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TAWNY World Premiere – AI made in Europe

World Premiere: TAWNY launches first Emotion Analytics SaaS Platform

Yeah, watch out it is a world debut!

In July,  we announced the world’s first Emotion Analytics Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS). This is a new chapter in the emotion recognition technology !!!


“We are very proud of this achievement. This will impact so many industries. The fact that we have developed the platform here in the heart of Europe is very special. Most of the news in this field usually comes from the US or China” says Dr. Michael Bartl, Founder of TAWNY.


In these days Emotion AI  marks a fundamental shift in how we are able to read human emotions by using face recognition, biometric data from wearables or voice analysis. That’s why we integrated the TAWNY technology in an AI-powered SaaS web platform allowing anyone to instantly decode human emotions.

Human emotions play a fundamental role in social life, consumer behavior and decision making. However, it is very complicated and expensive to recognize and measure emotions properly by using surveys, interviews, or technical equipment in laboratories.


The TAWNY emotion platform is currently offered to B2B Beta-Users.  More about the “proud to be a beta tester” campaign



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Emotion AI Newsletter II

TAWNY in the News

Yeah, we are very proud of the release of our second TAWNY newsletter.

If you are not registered yet, sign up for our Emotion AI news update – we will inform you quarterly about everything brand new at TAWNY.

Register now on on the left side (scroll down a little bit) and give us permission to inform you well.

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Enjoy reading 🙂

TAWNY Newsletter preview

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TAWNY at the ZKR

Zukunftsrat 2019

Happy to be at the #TechCheck2019 directly in Munich! The „Rat der Zukunft“ of the Bavarian Economy is checking out all the latest developments! We are packed with our#worldpremiere !!!
#zkr19 HYVE


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TAWNY and the TV

Big things are coming

We can’t really say much, but exciting developments are waiting for us. Last week we had a television team in our house – be curious, there were really funny, but also instructive scenes. More then in due time 🙂


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TAWNY Events

Emotion AI on the road

Tough days lie behind TAWNY, more to come. Munich – Berlin – Wolfsburg – Cologne – Nurnberg.

Isn’t it great to feel such a huge interest in our topic Emotion AI?!

At the moment TAWNY attends many big conferences, exhibitions but also panel discussions or presents Emotion AI in keynote speeches.

See here the liveblog of #transformingmedia


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AI in Sports – FIBO 2019 in Cologne

As known TAWNY is again and again active in the sports scene – just recently in Norway when testing the biathletes and their shooting performance or rather said testing their probability of hitting the target.

In the field of sports there is a lot of data and a huge potential for AI. We make our first steps in teaming up with ICAROS when recognizing the emotional states during flying or when performing a workout at the ICAROS. Stay tuned, more to be come soon!

At the FIBO 2019 in Cologne we had our first joint appearance.


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AI Sprint

Start your AI journey with us

Yeah, finally -watch out!

We proudly present our new “AI-sprint” in cooperation with our mothers comany HYVE.

Start your AI journey with us and check out the new possibilities to get AI into your company!

Register for a unique workshop consisting of ideation and AI-prototyping, guided by our multidisciplinary team of AI experts, data scientists, design and innovation strategists and experienced coaches!

Explore your AI opportunities and get them ready for prototyping!



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KI Handelsblatt Summit

AI in Munich – Handelsblatt Summit 2019

Awarded as the most visionary AI Start-up in 2018, we again were part of the great “KI Handelsblatt Summit 2019” located in one of Munich nicest hotels, the Sofitel, powered by Euroforum.

TAWNY followed the invitation in the “Future Lounge” and presented “TAWNY Visio” within the TAWNY booth and made Emotion AI more vivid. Two days fully packed with good conversations, a big TAWNY presentation in front of the Handelsblatt audience as well as an exciting discussion on the stage of the “Forum Innovation” together with HYVE managing director Dr. Volker Bilgram and Dr. Stefan Biel from Beiersdorf.

See you next year, we are looking forward!


Images (C): Thorsten Jochim


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IT Innovation Summit

Dresden my love

Totally surprised about the victory at the IT Innovation Summit 2019, TAWNY came back home from the beautiful town Dresden

TAWNY won the IT innovation award in the categorie “business and cosumer”, when pitching in front of a big audience. The “6th IT Innovation Summit” organized by Comexposium is one of the largest IT innovation summits offering an exclusive platform for visionaries, thought leaders and future designers in the IT industry. Ideas are discussed in a practice-oriented way with established IT decision-makers and potential investors about the effects and opportunities of their innovation. A really great event! Thank you for the invitation!



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TAWNY and the digital city Munich

DigiTalk at House of Innovation

What a great evening in the rooms of our mother’s company HYVE.

This time the “Digitale Stadt München e.V.” event was hosted by HYVE. Of course, TAWNY is not missed here!

After an intro talk by Prof. Dr. Claudia Linhoff-Popien our CTO presented TAWNY to an audience of about 300 people. He talked about Emotion AI, the new era of how humans interact with machines and digitalisation in general.

A real insightful evening, with a lot of good conversations. We are looking forward to the next event!



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First Emotion AI Newsletter

TAWNY in the News

Yeah, finally!

We are very proud about the release of our first TAWNY newsletter.

We would be happy, if you register for our Emotion AI news updated – we will inform you quartely about everything brand new at TAWNY.

Register now on on the left side (scroll down a little bit) and give us permission to inform you well.

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TAWNY booth

It’s showtime

We are very pleased to present you a part of our brand new TAWNY booth. We are prepared for all future fairs!

Now we can present you our AI competences in a small way and show you what would be possible. We look forward to your ideas, when visiting TAWNY at our Munich office or at any future fairs.



Further TAWNY was again invited to another event of Applied AI. This time we were at the new SIEMENS areas here in Munich and listened to exciting AI speeches, had some little workshops together with corporates and were also at the pitching session. Of course, we also had the chance to present TAWNY in the exhibition area and show them all our new booth and thus our AI skills.

Thanks to Applied AI for letting us taking part again! Looking forward to the next event!


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Biathlon Norway

TAWNY in Trysil

At the end of November, team TAWNY traveled far in the North – we were in Norway, in Trysil, for a special mission in the matter of biathlon.

You know – biathlon, cross-country skiing and shooting or hitting the target, a very complex typ of sport, but this makes it so special. We were lucky and got a glimps behind the scenes. While tracking the elite athletes from Austria we enjoyed the Nordish lifestyle and had some nice business meetings in front of open fire. The production of the “behind the scene” promotion video was a bit tricky due to the special day-night rhythm. But we think the result is really worth to watch. It’s great to work with such professional guys so our test results were really good and we met great people from Austria, who had some professional technology with them, too, thus a perfect setting for good cooperation wer set.

Thanks to Red Bull Media House Department Innovation for this special and really great opportunity of a teamed-up project with the ÖSV. We are looking forward to the future and are excited how the project goes on!



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Kinnovate Munich

TAWNY at #KInnovate2018

From December, 11 to December, 12  we were at the “Holiday Inn City Centre” in München at the KInnovate Conference. Two days full of Artificial Intelligence Topics, two days of a lot of good conversations, demo and pitch sessions as well as a fantastic booth in the expo area. Good to see, that  #EmotionAI will become an important in so many fields aof application.

Thank you very much “Euroforum” for this fantastic organization, it was a pleasure to be part of your event. The new Business Matching format brings together suppliers and buyers of AI solutions at all levels – from start-ups to companies and sponsors.

We’re already looking forward to next year to attend the special events of Euroforum again!



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E-tailment startups

TAWNY featured in “E-tailment”

“The Handel” presented TAWNY with a company overview in their special digital commerce company magazine “E-tailment”.

Great to see this, but please read it here on your own.


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MCBW: Story about Emotional Intelligence

TAWNY on Munich Creative Business Week

“TAWNY has specialized in the analysis of emotions and affective states based on psychophysiological data.
This will form the basis of Emotion Intelligence (EI) …”

See here a really interesting and insightful article of MCBW – Munich Creative Business Week and read about empathic robots and services created or rather said equipped with the TAWNY technology.


What a honour to be featured with such a long and repleted with such good content! Thanks for this MCBW!

Here you find the text about TAWNY and its mother company HYVE as well as you can read about our “sibling” startup MyEier.



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Louisa Summer

The 100

TAWNY and the 11th edition

What a honour. TAWNY is featured in the 11th edition of The100 – a print magazine about the 100 startups of Germany 2018.

The brand-new edition of the most wanted startup magazine is now out and can be bought online.

It’s a great pleasured to be featured and we look back gladly to an amazing photoshooting.

The 100 most innovative Startups of Germany were chosen by a panel of judges, consisting of experts from various industries regarding the startup scene. Photographers traveled across Germany to picture the chosen startups in their natural environment.

The result: an insightful and beautifully made book with the 100 most innovative startups of the year in Germany: We are so proud! Thanks to Thomas Eichhorn and his team!

Here you find a little preview from TAWNY as well as you can buy here this magazin.



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Susanne and Felix Porsche investing in TAWNY



We are very proud to announce great news! The next step in the TAWNY success story is done.


Deep-Tech from Munich: Susanne and Felix Porsche get into the emotion AI Startup TAWNY

Munich, November 20 2018

TAWNY ( is an AI-based technology that allows machines, robots and digital systems to read people’s emotions. In today’s world, almost all things lack emotional intelligence. In the future, products, services and environments will be empathic and thus more efficient, comfortable, healthy and safe. Video, audio and physiological data such as heart rate variability or skin conductivity are the basis of emotion recognition and classification like stress, flow or other states of well-being. It’s here where TAWNY technology can be used, for example, in cars that react to the condition of drivers, in a working environment that adapts to the condition of employees, in smart networked consumer products, in emotion-driven media and recommendation systems, or in completely new forms of market research.

The Emotion AI Startup, founded in 2017, focuses on the B2B sector and has already used the technology with well-known customers. TAWNY has developed from the incubation environment of the innovation company HYVE, whose innovative strength reaches to 70% of DAX companies who trust us.

Dr. Marco Maier, Managing Director of TAWNY says: “As one of the few startups in Germany with an explicit focus on deep learning, we have always been able to arouse the interest of talents in the AI sector. All the more reason for us to expand this team even further and to consolidate our position as one of the leading companies in the field of affective computing”.

Dr. Michael Bartl, Managing Director of TAWNY mentions: “We are delighted to be taking the next step with the Angel duo Susanne and Felix Porsche. Our goal is to be the most successful Emotion AI Company in Europe in 2019”.

Prof. Susanne Porsche has been awarded with the “Golden Aurora” as Europe’s female business angel of the year 2018: She states that “We are very impressed by the team that brings together outstanding experts in the field of artificial intelligence with the experience of anchoring innovations in companies.

Felix: Porsche: “I find it exciting to accompany a business idea that represents the beginning of a new era of coexistence between human and machine”.



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Websummit Lisbon

TAWNY abroad

From November, 4 until November, 6 we had the honour to present TAWNY at the Websummit in Lisbon. During our Horiont 2020 SME Phase I project we were elected as best practice for “EU Network”.  We got an inivitation to this year’s Websummit in Lisbon and are very proud to met the world tech elite!  It was an awesome event with a lot of networking possibilities and a super nice EU accompaniment. Thank you very much for this. A special thanks also to Natalia G. Mozo from the “BayFOR GmbH”, for all your support before and during the event!

So in Lisbon we listened to great talks, big presentations and joined a big tech trade fair with the topic “where to next”.

Here you find a little interview with Sebastian from TAWNY.



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Keep up with AI – Linz

Another AI possibility

“AI is the new electricity!”

Use this chance and join our special created AI seminar. This time we will be in Austria – Linz.

There are still some tickets available. Apply now and listen to our AI specialist Dr. Marco Maier.

The participants of the seminar will get a comprehensive overview of current techniques in the field of machine learning and develop an idea for possible applications of AI-based solutions in your company.

Here you get the tickets.


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Media Days Munich

TAWNY at #Medientage2018 in Munich

From October, 24 to October, 26  we were at “Messe München” at the Mediadays directly in the AI pavilion. Besides some media appearances we had a lot of good conversations, demo sessions and testings as well as Dr. Michael Bartl talked about #EmotionAI and the possible usage in the field of media.

Can you find us at the “partner wall”?

Here you find a short media presentation of the BR.

We’re already looking forward to next year to attend this special event again.



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Upcoming TAWNY Events

Meet TAWNY at some upcoming events

Exciting times are waiting for us. We are looking forward to attend these special events.

First of all, from October, 24 you can find us at “Messe München” at the Mediadays directly at the entrance at the AI pavilion. Come and test our AI technology.

Let’s create some custom made Emotion AI ideas for your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us already in before the event to shedule some appointments.


From November, 4 until November, 6 we have the honour to present TAWNY at the Websummit in Lisbon, because we were choosen as a best practice for “EU Network”. This is just great, and we are very proud to meet the world tech elite! We will see us!



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HVB Mentoring Pitch day

TAWNY pitching at the HVB Gründerinnen Mentoring

It was real pleasure for us to present TAWNY with a introductory lecture at the “HVB Gründerinnen Mentoring 2017/2018” in the labrooms of HYVE. This time TAWNY in its female style 🙂

Around 60 invited guests came to HYVE and had a fantastically inspiring evening. New ideas, new processes, great conversations and discussions with all the new founders and last but not least some visionary information about TAWNY as the in-house foundation.

Contact us for more information or ask about an intro talk to help TAWNY to become to the most successful Emotion AI company in Europe – we are looking forward to hear from you!



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TAWNY on the road

TAWNY on the road

Exciting weeks lie behind us. Munich, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Bern, Vienna, Munich Wiesn or Stuttgart, we not only left a few kilometres behind, but also listened to exciting lectures, pitched, had many interesting conversations and informed a lot of people about TAWNY and Emotion AI. It was a pleasure to attend all these great events. Thanks to all organisers. Fin here some impressions of each event.



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TAWNY – Look-a-like app

We call it #LookALike

It is well known, that TAWNY works with a multimodal AI approach, thus we are also able to detect emotions via the e.g. facial recognition system.

But isn’t this boring – with our new facial Emotion AI recognition system we created more! We created a smart media entertainment app. We developed a facial recognition algorithm based on machine vision for a matching-scenario as a B2C app. Our special neural network works with 5times less data input. So you are interested in who you look like?

Contact us and get a look on our system and we explain you our offerings in detail. Let’s create some specific use-cases and application scenarios.



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TAWNY at the 2018

An again Dr. Marco Maier attended a panel. This time at the Munich 2018. In this case it was a classic AI panel, where he together with Alexander Waldmann (Operative Director at applied AI), Vishal Chatrath (CEO and Co-Founder of and Ronnie Vuine (CEO at Micropsie Industries) discussed about AI in general.



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